Buying at Turnberry Ocean Colony

If you are on the market to buy a condominium at Turnberry Ocean Colony, use this website to gain the insight knowledge and tips from a professional realtor. This way you will be assured to get the best return on your investment. You will need to work with a professional realtor. The best way is find most active realtor in the building and trust him or her. Lots of times the realtor might have a pocket listing or know someone who’s thinking about selling.


This website provides wealth of information and options with condos at this building, utilize all of the pages and features on this website. We offer you plenty of information on all of the latest properties for sale so you can get an idea of what features are available in the unit. The site should make it easier than ever to learn more about the offerings in the building so you can have an idea of the properties that will fit your budget and needs even before you speak with a realtor.


Know What You Want

Talk to your realtor and let him/her know your budget, as well as what you want from your unit in terms of size and location within the building. The realtor will then give you information on all of the units that fit your specifications, as well as those that might be close to fitting your needs. You can view the different properties to determine what units and layouts are actually best for you.


Why a Condo?

One of the reasons that many people love to live in condos is that they have most of the same features as single family homes, but they typically require less upkeep. Furthermore, in this case, you also enjoy being directly on the ocean with your private, serviced beach. Not to mention 10,000 square feet gym staffed with professional trainers, daily fitness classes, refreshments, TV’s and much more. In addition, there are two swimming pools, 4 Jacuzzis and a private restaurant on the ocean – Ocean Side Cabana.


How about your own 5-star restaurant? And that’s right in your home! Take out the food anytime or join your friends and neighbors for a glamorous dinner. The friendly atmosphere in Turnberry Ocean Colony will appeal to anyone seeking good company in your own home.


The homeowner’s association, to which the buyer will pay monthly or annual fees, takes care of the maintenance and landscaping needs of the building. The owner is typically responsible for what happens within the unit though in terms of maintenance.


When buying a unit, it’s always important to check to see the rules and regulations of the HOA. The documents associated with the HOA are very important when you are buying into a condominium, and it pays to read their bylaws carefully.


Turnberry Ocean Colony offers great security, which is another reason that people enjoy the condo life. We are currently working on offering personal identity fingerprint scanners at the elevators, so you can be sure that the only people who are in the building are those who should rightfully have access. You and your family can rest easy knowing you are safe while you are there and that your possessions are safe while you are away. Living at the building offers resort style living thanks to all of the various amenities and features at the building, as you will see from the features below.


If you would like to know more about buying at Turnberry Ocean Colony , including what units are available, their sizes, and their prices, you can simply fill out the contact form on this page to send us an email. We’ll get back to you with the information you need.


Contact Lana Bell Today!

If you want the best realtor working with properties in Turnberry Ocean Colony as well any other property in Sunny Isles Beach, you need to work with Lana Bell. She resides in Turnberry Ocean Colony for over 4 years now and is the most active realtor in the building. Out of 11 sold properties in Turnberry Ocean Colony this year, Lana sold 8, including the most expensive sale ever done in the building. She is the “go to” person when it comes to buying or selling at Turnberry Ocean Colony.


Who is Lana Bell?

A series of remarkable innovations and achievements punctuate Lana’s illustrious 12-year real estate career. Whether it was predicting the growth of the local real estate market or pioneering a realty portal for that market, she continues to prove herself. Even before becoming affiliated with Sotheby’s, Lana was actively involved in first-class real estate operations in Miami.


Lana started her entrepreneurial ventures right after graduation, founding and running a successful computer consulting firm in New York City. Success followed her into the real estate industry as she capitalized on the thriving real estate business in Miami. From creating a unique realty portal to working closely with clients, Lana’s efforts have always involved a brilliant combination of creativity and hard work. Honesty and integrity define Lana Bell as much as experience and intelligence. Her pursuit of excellence in the real estate business led her to join ONE Sotheby’s International Realty. She brings a wealth of experience and insight to this premier global real firm specializing in luxury properties. Lana believes in educating clients, which earns her the trust, and business, of a large and ever-expanding clientele.


Lana Bell is one of the sharpest minds working in the Miami real estate market, something which numerous investors and buyers are glad for. She does a remarkable job of combining the analytical and emotional aspects of buying real estate, benefiting everyone involved.


Lana resides in Turnberry Ocean Colony in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida and manages a One Sotheby’s International Realty Sunny Isles Branch office.

Please call Lana today – (305) 336-0457

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