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Turnberry Ocean Colony is considered the most popular and desirable condominium towers in the Miami area. In fact, they are some of the most popular properties in all of South Florida, for that matter. Buyers love the features within the residences, as well as all of the amenities and offerings the property provides.


A large number of the buyers at Turnberry Ocean Colony buy the properties because they are looking for a luxury oceanfront lifestyle living with full array of 5-star amenities and service. However, Turnberry Ocean Colony also offers very spacious layouts which includes maids quarters, laundry and washer rooms, in-unit storages, huge closet space, oversized terraces, floor-to-ceiling windows and 10-12 foot ceilings.


The private beach includes hotel-like services like full bar, gourmet creations of professional chef and of course the most personalized service.


Those who purchased units at Turnberry Ocean Colony have enjoyed tremendous appreciation growth. During the past several years the prices have gone up considerably thus making Turnberry Ocean Colony ideal as an investment property. Rentals are allowed twice per year, 6 months at a time, and Turnberry Ocean Colony demands top rental prices.

Turnberry Ocean Colony is one of the top condominium towers in the area for quite a few reasons. Those who are looking for great design, large floor plans, and true luxury living will discover that it has everything they could possibly want, and quite a bit more when they choose to buy at this tower.


5 Bedrooms for sale in Turnberry Ocean Colony condo
PH3702$8,500,000$1,4915/7/15700Oct 11, 2017A10353099
4 Bedrooms for sale in Turnberry Ocean Colony condo
PH3602$9,000,000$04/7/10Sep 28, 2017A10289868
1604$6,200,000$1,6604/7/13735Sep 28, 2017A10159875
3304$3,999,000$1,0714/7/13735May 31, 2016A10091270
2304$3,990,000$1,0684/5/03735Dec 20, 2016A10195286
3403$3,950,000$04/6/10Jan 14, 2016A10013755
3004$3,889,000$1,0414/7/13735Sep 28, 2017A10247530
2204$3,800,000$1,0174/7/13735Jan 27, 2018A10212170
1104$3,795,000$1,0164/10/53735Dec 19, 2017A10389111
3103$3,590,000$1,0324/6/13480Sep 05, 2016A10141025
804$3,400,000$04/7/10Oct 05, 2017A10341122
2203$3,100,000$8914/5.1/13480Nov 23, 2015A2207048
404$2,650,000$7104/11/53735Dec 21, 2017A10390278
3 Bedrooms for sale in Turnberry Ocean Colony condo
1403$3,199,000$9143/8/53500Jan 25, 2018A10406377
1001$2,850,000$1,0273/5/12775Sep 28, 2017A10277108
1001$2,799,000$1,0093/5/12775Sep 28, 2017A10262036
1501$2,600,000$9383/5/12772Feb 23, 2016A10037293
3301$2,599,000$9373/5/12775Nov 07, 2016A10172385
2701$2,590,000$9343/5/12772Sep 28, 2017A10317650
2801$2,580,000$9313/3/02772Nov 07, 2017A10366225
PH3501$2,549,000$9193/5/12775Mar 02, 2018A10426553
2901$2,399,000$8653/5/12772Sep 28, 2017A10337849
PH3501$2,375,000$8563/5/12775Dec 01, 2017A10380100
501$2,199,000$7923/5/12775Jan 18, 2017A10207697
2302$1,800,000$8023/3/12245Sep 28, 2017A10302272
2 Bedrooms for sale in Turnberry Ocean Colony condo
602$2,350,000$1,0472/3/12245Dec 06, 2016A10072621
2602$2,150,000$9582/3/12245Sep 05, 2016A10140993
2702$2,050,000$9172/3/12235Nov 07, 2017A10364401
1102$2,000,000$8912/3/12245Oct 03, 2017A10013876
802$1,995,000$8932/3/12235Jan 27, 2018A10408282
1202$1,945,000$8662/3/12245Sep 28, 2017A10268013
502$1,875,000$8352/3/12245Oct 19, 2017A10033088
1 Bedroom for sale in Turnberry Ocean Colony condo
CAB 7$350,000$2,3331/1/0150Dec 19, 2017A10389128


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