Turnberry Ocean Colony has everything that discerning condo buyers in South Florida want in a new home. It offers more than just a great location and a beautiful aesthetic. They have some fantastic features, a friendly building, and gorgeous interiors. Living in the area, and in this building in particular, is luxury living at its best.

Stats for Turnberry Ocean Colony

Look at some of the statistics surrounding the building to see what it really offers. Check out the past sales and the demands to understand more about the desirability of the building.

The Units

Turnberry Ocean Colony went up in 2008. Each of the towers features 130 units, making 260 residential units overall. Currently, there are around 7% of the total units available for sale. Keep in mind that some of these are rental units – around 2% of the total number of units. One of the elements that help to make Turnberry Ocean Colony a bit different from other buildings in the area is the number of units on a floor. They only have four units per floor. This offers more privacy, and often more space. The size of the units varies, as do the designs and the facilities they include. You can choose from a two-bedroom up to a five-bedroom.

The Prices

One of the things to consider when you are buying a home is naturally the price. The cost of the units at Turnberry Ocean Colony is $1,396 per square foot currently on average. The minimum is $957 per square foot and the max is $3,326 per square foot. You can see that there is plenty of room at the low end for those who have some smaller budgets. Just because you have a small budget it does not mean that you can’t get into the building. Just look for one of the smaller units.


Of course, you also have to remember that the price can change as the real estate market fluctuates.

What Is the Demand Like?

One of the things that you will soon realize is that when a property comes up for sale at Turnberry Ocean Colony, it does not usually last for long. This is a highly popular building that has fantastic amenities along with an outstanding location. The demand for the area is not showing any signs of slowing either, and this means that the prices are likely to keep on rising over the course of the coming years.


What does this mean for buyers? It means that buying right now, before those prices go up, is a fantastic idea. It could be a wise investment decision. Take some time to check out what the towers have available right now and see if it fits your size needs and your budget. You might just find your new home.

Turnberry Ocean Colony Sales Stats

Over the last couple of years, the real estate industry has been performing very well. The rise in the prices recently – around 3.8% higher than some earlier months – shows that the prices are strong. The fact that the properties in Sunny Isles are selling as quickly as they are also shows that the demand is certainly there as well.


It is possible to find units in the area that are low in price, but you always have to consider the quality of the unit and the building you are choosing. Fortunately, Turnberry Ocean Colony has a lot to offer in this area. You can find units of different sizes and for different price packages. Finding something that works for your family’s budget and size should be possible.


Now really is a fantastic time to buy. You have plenty of options at Turnberry Ocean Colony. If you are ready to make an investment for a rental property, or you want to find a new place to live fulltime, start looking right now. We’ve already said that units go fast, and that’s not a hyperbole! When you see a unit that interests you, get in touch with us so we can tell you more and help you get the keys to a property you are sure to love.

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