A Look at The Amenities Available at Turnberry Ocean Colony



Two glass and steel towers rise from the swaying palms and white sands of Sunny Isles Beach. Covering over 35,000 square feet, this it Turnberry Ocean Colony, one of the most luxurious, opulent condo properties in the country. Designed and built in 2006, the property features just 260 residences, ensuring plenty of space and open floor plans in residences. However, while the residences are rich, luxurious and beautiful, there’s a great deal to appreciate on the property as a whole that add to the experience of living here.


Turnberry Ocean Colony Club


Exclusivity, elegance, beauty, relaxation – those are just a few of the words that best describe the Turnberry Ocean Colony Club, an exclusive club and spa reserved strictly for owners and their guests. You’ll find a very wide range of services here, from massage to fitness to food and beverages. What’s more, those services are available to owners at all points on the property, whether you’re in the club proper, out beside one of the pools or even down at the beach or in a private cabana.


Your day wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the world-class restaurant on property. Turnberry Ocean Colony’s goal is to provide owners with everything they need, making it possible to stay at home all the time rather than going out. That applies to this elegant restaurant and the sumptuous fare on offer. Take the sommelier’s recommendation on a bottle of wine, and let the maître d’ show you to your table. Dine on your favorite delicacies, and then head to the cocktail lounge for a nightcap. If you prefer something a bit more European, the lounge is the place to go for a glass of brandy and a fine cigar, as well as the company of good friends and neighbors.


If you’re up for a bit more fun before retiring for the evening, the card room is an excellent option. On the other hand, you might prefer a nighttime dip in one of the swimming pools, or maybe a moonlight stroll on the beach, still warm from the day’s sun.


Technology and Safety


When it comes to safety, security and privacy, Turnberry Ocean Colony owners have it all. The property offers 24-hour professional security personnel, and the gate is manned at all times. Each residence has its own individual security system as well, ensuring complete safety in your home. Top of the line security monitors track the inside and outside of the property 24-hours per day as well.


Turnberry Ocean Colony owners and their guests are able to enjoy all of these amenities and many more. It’s truly a property dedicated to providing amazing personalized service to make your life easier and more relaxed. There are still several stunning residences available at Turnberry Ocean Colony, but with the real estate market hitting a six-year high, chances are very good they’ll only be open for a limited amount of time.